Planning a Meeting Abroad? Here Is What You Need To Know About Security 


Are you planning a seminar, meeting, or other events in Africa or the Middle East, the bottom line for success is safety. Whether meeting potential investors, exploring new opportunities, or seeking a new market, security threats loom. Here are three most important things you need to know about security during travel. 

Security in meetings demands more than simple use of metal detectors 

To succeed in securing all the meetings, you must be willing to go beyond the door checkup. It is prudent to work with appropriate travel risk management companies Africa Middle East for a closer look into the overall security risk and comprehensive protective (not the case in Hong-Kong), intelligent reports.

While the security of Africa and the Middle East has improved so much in the last decade, the risk levels remain significantly higher compared to other parts of the world.

It is not uncommon to hear of Boko Haram striking popular parts in Nigeria/neighboring countries or Isis preparing to take over cities in the Middle East. Do not let these security risks compromise your meeting, make sure to engage the right travel risk management firm or relocation services, Africa.

Your attendants want a guarantee of their security 

Every moment that a security warning is released for visitors to a specific area in Africa or the Middle East, many people take it very seriously. In fact, if a security warning is issued on the eve or your event, the risk of addressing empty seats is very high.

Working with a good security firm makes it possible for protective intelligence assessment to gauge the level of security in various countries and cities of choice. Such assessments are very beneficial to your clients in three ways;

  • They help to avoid the undue inconvenience of preparing only to have last minute cancellations.
  • Your audience will be assured of security and, therefore, participate fully in such meetings.
  • It is an assurance for greater success including full exploration of the host city/ country

Adopting a travel risk management system is a sure way of strengthening your brand 

What is the nature of your business operations? Well, no matter the level of the business growth, your clients and target audience will only see the commitment depending on installed systems.

A clear company and travel risk management will demonstrate the firm’s commitment to customer value and guarantee better returns.